Thoughts on Union City Lifestyle

First, Some Small Town Thoughts

Our kind of lifestyle is an alternative, not a competition. A person who thrives on the energy and hustle-bustle of big-city life will not choose Union City. It's a different kind of pace. Those who love the elegance of white-tie events will have trouble filling their calendar in Union City. There's no town ordinance against, it's just not the way we get together.

We are also not a flawless picture postcard. As in many small towns, the plant closings of the 1980-90s hit our economy hard. You can still see it in many places, But beautification is part of our revitalization objective and we're making steady progress.

You will find a healthy dose of old-fashioned American virtues:  humor, optimism, resilience, determination, hard-work, faith and family.  You will find a community park that reminds you of movie scenes in small town parks. You will see people stand, remove their hat and salute when the veterans march past during 4th of July parades.

You will find a whole different kind of safety and security -- little kids playing in the streets, older kids able to bicycle anywhere in town -- but always aware that a dedicated police force and alert neighbors,  who look out for each other, are nearby.

You will find enormous pride in our school system -- following athletic teams, of course, but also a remarkable range of state-of-the-art endeavors in the arts and in STEM -- Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics. Best of all, kids are excelling here who would be playing literal second-fiddle or sitting on the bench or in the cheer-block at larger schools. And they are excelling again when they go out, fully competitive, into the real world. 

You will find cost of living, including cost of housing, that is sometimes a source of humorous exchanges with big-city people:  Union City resident reveals the cost of his quite-comfortable home to a visitor from San Francisco.  The San Franciscan shakes his head, "I couldn't build a good sized garage for that." 

(Not surprisingly, attractive cost of living is a factor in the decisions of retirees to move to Union City, including UC alumni who come back home.)

Locally, we have a long list of things to do, places to worship and ways to stay fit (next section). We are within easy driving distance to professional sports, Broadway productions, music and the arts. 

The city government is active and creative in economic development projects. Jobs are returning to Union City, from retail to business relocations to our industrial park, to small start-ups often in-home, online.  And we are an easy commute to jobs in both central Indiana and south-central Ohio, although you'll have to get along without eight-lane interstates and adjust to driving in quiet rustic countryside.

So, Union City is a vintage American small town. Not for everybody. But when it's right, it can be really right. We welcome your continued exploration. 

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