Let's Talk about Reasons to Consider...

Living Here or Doing Business Here!

Whether thinking home or your business home, lifestyle is a major consideration...then we'll talk home and business separately:

  • Lifestyle
  • Living in Union City
  • Doing Business in Union City

Realistic Planning in the 2020s

Take a Year to Plan Your Move!

Changing the Way to Consider a Change

When reading a relocation presentation, the mind can focus on all the reasons it's just not feasible to make a move. Indeed there are many factors to considerations, but you won't be moving tomorrow or next week or even next month. Depending on your goals and requirements, Union City may not be ready for you overnight, either. 

So the idea is simple. Let's work together on an exploration checklist. Then we'll work together on an implementation checklist. It may involve a year, maybe more, maybe less. The main point is a REALISTIC timetable that allows time for solid analysis and action.

Of course you'll have your own list, but here are common issues:


  • Small town lifestyle
  • Proximity to major city amenities
  • School System
  • Availability and cost of housing
  • Cost of Living
  • Safety


  • Economic Development Support
  • Workforce quality and availability
  • Technical support including internet
  • Geographic access to markets
  • Community attitude toward business
  • Business community shared support
  • Safety and Security
  • Employee lifestyle including quality of education

Let's start preliminary exploration right away. 

The form below will go directly to Union City's mayor -- a unique and serious benefit of small town life. We'll be in touch to begin the conversation!

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Relocation exploration