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Eco Vehicle SystemsEco Vehicles
Eco Vehicle Systems located in Union City converts standard gas and diesel shuttle bus and step van chassis, school buses, step vans, dump trucks, refuse trucks, shuttle buses and other commercial vehicles to hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) chassis. Benefits to Customers and the environment include fuel consumption savings (up to 50%), reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses, and reduction in brake maintenance and replacement.

Bio FuelsCardinal Ethanol_Logo
Cardinal Ethanol is establishing a new 100 million gallon per year ethanol production facility located just outside of Union City that is slated to start production in the summer of 2008. The facility is designed to produce 100 million gallons of ethanol each year. The ethanol will be marketed across the U.S. as a clean-burning, high-octane transportation fuel additive. The plant is located near Union City in Randolph County, Indiana. The plant site has a CSX railroad mainline running parallel to it which will be used to create a new rail spur that will bring corn to the site and take ethanol and distillers grain from the site to our Customers throughout the country.
Anderson Marathon Ethanol Group – 5728 Sebring Warner Road, Greenville Ohio

Wind Energy 
As Randolph County positions itself as a leader in alternative fuels, wind energy is set to become a visible factor of the county landscape by 2010. A handful of electric companies have visited Randolph County and its landowners in search of suitable land to construct turbines to produce wind energy. The basic scenario is that landowners will sign a 20-year contract lease for a wind turbine to be constructed on their land. The turbines take up about one acre of land, and farmers can plant crops to bump up against the cement pad of the wind turbine.

A variety of resources exist for information on wind energy. The most relevant and up-to-date resources include: American Wind Energy Association – The source for the latest news on wind energy, from projects and careers to facts and figures –

  • Why Wind Works – Read about current issues related to wind energy, and learn why wind works for the future –
  • If not wind, then what? – This site is loaded with myths, facts and figures, including Wind Energy 101; an excellent resource for wind energy no matter your knowledge level –
  • Renewable Energy Access – From wind energy to solar power, this site features headlines on a variety of renewable energy hot topics –
  • National Wind Coordinating Collaborative – Link to a number of individual state sites international organizations; learn what legislation is in motion that could affect wind energy development –

Solar       Solar
The City of Union City has solar energy systems on City Hall as well as on the North Water Plant. Solar powers Artisan Park, the Artisan Apartments, and the Preservation Society Museum.